ECP Brandbook

For ECP we developed a Brandbook in 2016. The identity and the core values of the organisation were determined and subsequently translated into a Style Guide with practical communication tools.

When it comes to a strong and memorable brand, consistency is one of the key factors.

It is important that people can spot your company, product or service from a mile away. How can a brand linger among  consumers and how can you promote this process?

Strong brands linger among consumers because their presence is determined by repetition of the same logo, fonts, colours, and images. After they have been seen often enough, they become immediately recognisable. But also non-visual elements such as behaviour, sound, and scent must  fit appropriately and be promulgated consistently. In this way we create a sense of trustworthiness and security.

During the development of a consistent brand, the creation of a brand guide is highly recommended. Once it is crystal clear what your product or service stands for, it is important to elaborate on this and record it. It provides a direction for everything your organisation does and it serves as a yardstick for future decisions. . Moreover, it is an ideal way to clearly inform your employees about what the company stands for and what it wishes to convey.

In  a brand guide the following items are usually covered:

  • Core values
  • Brand promise
  • Core concept
  • Typography
  • Logo use
  • Image use
  • Colours
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Examples of expressions

From the moment you record everything in a brand guide, the brand will also have a proper soul and right to existence. Everyone who reads it knows precisely what you stand for and how you should envisage this. This prevents misuse of your valuable brand.