Partnership Hubspot Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation is a term you can no longer ignore as a marketer. If you want to generate Marketing Qualified Leads, love to have insights in the online behavior of your visitors and if you are looking for the results of your marketing efforts: knowledge of Marketing Automation is a must.DNA LTB is a big fan of the inbound marketing strategy and therefore we made it our mission to become marketing automation experts!
Learn more about the inbound marketing strategy in our blog:  You want to attract customers, but will they be attracted to you?
And that is just it! The past two years we were very busy to learn everything about the various tools. Looking at our customer field, we decided to start a partnership with Hubspot so we are able to serve you, as our client, to the max! We have all the needed certifications in our pocket! 
In our opinion Hubspot is the best tool for small to midsize organizations.HubSpot is a leading CRM, marketing, sales, and customer experience platform. The purpose is to let your business grow based on the inbound marketing philosophy.Read our blog: Marketing Automation fits every type of organization.

Practice what you preach: obviously we are working with Hubspot ourselves, so we can tell you all about the bits and bytes!

A little preview of the features in the world of Marketing Automation:

  • Landing page Builder;
  • Buyer Persona’s
  • Blogging Platform
  • SEO tool Anonymous Website Visitors Identification
  • Social Media
  • Email Manager
  • CTA Builder
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Analytics
  • CRM integration


Do you want to make the next step and make sure you do everything within your power to seduce your prospects? Please give us a call and we can share our knowledge with you. T: +31 (0)35 201 1901