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Make the most of your event!

Every event serves a different purpose. It could aim to raise your company’s public profile, but it could also be the perfect opportunity for your organisation to have personal contact with your target audience. When it comes to relationship management (such as generating leads and increasing loyalty), event marketing and face-to-face communication have proven to be very successful.

To put this interaction in place your organisation could participate in trade fairs, for example, but you could also organise your own events. This includes partner events, educational sessions and breakfast meetings with customers. Unique and effective events, combined with the right campaign, make for good relationships with your target audience.

Currently, we organise nearly all of our business online, so you might think that face-to-face communication, such as events, is no longer appropriate for the present day. However, events are still a good way to have contact with your customers. How you should approach them and what they want differs with each target audience. The same goes for sharing knowledge. You could opt for following an online educational webinar, but perhaps your target audience would prefer to gain knowledge offline.

Which form of communication you choose depends, of course, on the target audience. You should therefore consider very closely what your target audience prefers. Try to answer the following questions:

  • Which form of communication does my target audience like the most?
  • When does my target audience have the most time and when do they want to hear my message?
  • How do I make it as easy as possible for my target audience to access the information?

If you conclude that your target audience always has a busy schedule but they would like to interact with colleagues and prefer offline communication over online contact, an event could have considerable added value for you!

Example: a college breakfast for the ‘Bijzonder Laren’ co-operative association village fund

For one of our customers, ‘Bijzonder Laren’ (Special Laren), we were looking for a way to bring together entrepreneurs and to actually spur them into action. The goal of the campaign was to get more insight about the level of hospitality in Laren at the moment and how it should be. Considering the target audience, we chose to bring together entrepreneurs during what is known as a college breakfast.

Making decisions about the details for your event can be difficult, but you will figure them out by observing very closely what is going on in the minds of your target audience. It is important to decide who your target audience is and how you can reach them. And maybe even more important – or at least just as important – is how you are going to make the event as attractive as possible for your target audience by responding to their wishes and needs.

In this case, one of the core values of ‘Bijzonder Laren’ is hospitality. This is also a topic that entrepreneurs deal with on a daily basis. To show the level of hospitality in Laren at the moment, we chose to go to the village and to interview entrepreneurs and visitors, to ask them about their experiences in relation to hospitality. These interviews were recorded and edited into a compilation, so the college breakfast could be kicked off with this video.

To make hospitality a reality there are several essential elements that entrepreneurs should be aware of. These were therefore discussed extensively during the college breakfast which looked at hospitality. Karoline Wiegerink, a research professor at a hotel school in The Hague and a director of the Platform for Customer-driven Entrepreneurship, and Madelijne Kool, a comedian and experience expert, told the entrepreneurs of Laren everything they need to know about hospitality. In addition, Rinske Kruisinga, the acting mayor of Laren, wanted to stress the importance of hospitality.

Now the program of your event had been finalised, it is time to make sure the entrepreneurs will actually go to the event. That requires effective marketing. What resources do you need to achieve this? The entrepreneurs all have different ages and personalities. Therefore, we chose to use online as well as offline communication to invite them to the college breakfast. A board member of ‘Bijzonder Laren’ visited the entrepreneurs to tell them about the college breakfast and to invite them. An invitation was also placed on an internal online platform that ‘Bijzonder Laren’ launched last year and all the entrepreneurs are a member of.

More than 200 entrepreneurs from Laren attended the college breakfast, where they were taught everything about important matters and developments in relation to hospitality. The event ended with a breakfast meal and live music. Because of the positive feedback received after the event, we can conclude that the event has been a huge success.

DNALTB would love to help you to get the most out of your event. Our enthusiastic event experts are available to talk to you about ideas and options!