Is vlogging the new blogging?

The successes achieved by professional vloggers is clearly visible. Businesses are increasingly making use of this influential medium to reach their target audiences. And, as its popularity has grown, so have the vloggers themselves. Young people are no longer the only vlog professionals and target audiences for this medium. Many companies have discovered the power of the “videoblog” and have developed their success using an actual vlogging strategy. Vlogging is no longer just hype; it has become a permanent feature of the digital media landscape. This is evidenced by the fact that YouTube is now the second-most widely used search engine after Google.

While it was once just a platform for a group of young people capturing their lives in short videos, YouTube has now also become the home of the beauty vlog and the vlogging police officer. Major Dutch companies such as Hema, Heineken, Achmea, Coolblue and even hospitals and government ministries have started their own vlogging campaigns. Vlogs are an excellent marketing resource with twice the reach of text and images. Posting and sharing your business’ knowledge and expertise in a creative manner builds client trust and shows them that you are an expert in your field.

Vlogging for businesses

Vlogging is an effective resource for businesses. It’s about engaging with your target audience and bringing your brand, product or service to their attention. Canon is a good example of effective vlogging. Canon capitalises on the vlogging trend with a so-called ‘vlog camera’  The vlogs demonstrate the quality of the product and encourage the viewers to buy the camera. Vlogging is, therefore, the perfect medium to get a feel for and engage with your ideal target audience.

Vlogging or video?

Consumers nowadays are bored by the traditional video. The format is well known and they usually know what’s going to happen before they’ve even seen it. The fact that the target audience tends to be a mixture of generations also explains why customers demand more dynamic content. As a business engaged in vlogging, you will need to find a balance between respecting good business practices (in accordance with social media policy) and avoiding the business-like feel of traditional videos.

Vlogging as an internal communications tool

Vlogging is also an ideal resource for internal communications. These vlogs are primarily used to communicate activities and other regulations that employees need to be aware of,give insight into business procedures and show what employees actually do. The latter, for example, can be very interesting for recruitment marketing! Each video does need to have a new subject and answer new questions.

Vlogging for increasing traffic flow

Besides using a video content carrier such as YouTube, it is also very important to place and share video content on your own website. Engage the viewer’s curiosity with a trailer on Facebook or Instagram and post the actual vlogs on your own website with a fitting CTA. Search engines also love videos: websites with videos will rank higher on search engines because Google adjusts the rankings based on the surfing behaviour of site visitors. Therefore, making use of video is an excellent way for businesses to improve their SEO.

Vlogging pitfalls

  • The most frequently occurring pitfall – and this applies to all social media – is to start and then give up relatively quickly. Plan the content carefully and make sure that making and sharing videos becomes a habit.
  • Many organisations and businesses strive to show the best, most professional side of the business. This often results in a formal, stylised and boring vlog with people speaking in posh accents. The video content which works best for your business are the vlogs, tutorials, and instructional videos showing the human side of the business and passion for what they do.
  • One big misunderstanding is that businesses are only allowed to show business-like videos. Share videos about knowledge, new innovations and ideas for the future using a company ‘face’. The right person, the right message and naturally the right way of presenting are very important aspects of a vlog.
  • It is also important that not too much privacy-sensitive information is shown in the videos. We do not recommend having ‘your own opinion’ be too evident.

The consumer is becoming increasingly demanding; it is not only important to make high-quality vlogs but also to develop an entire customer journey as it fits within your business marketing strategy. First, a target audience profile needs to be developed to create effective vlogs and realise your marketing goals. This approach can provide a significant boost for brand awareness when supported by other marketing techniques. The customer will need a different video for every stage of their customer journey. Do you need help implementing vlogging as a communications tool? Please feel free to contact us.

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