You have a beautiful brand with its own brand values: your unique DNA. How do you consistently translate that DNA into resources, channels and content? And in such a way that you are always recognizable, create valuable leads and bind customers? It is a difficult job that we are happy to help you with.

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Content Marketing

With a powerful content marketing strategy, your business has the best foundation for success. Most brands are losing the battle for content – DNA LTB is here to make sure yours don’t.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about creating thought leadership, organic visibility and social reach. It is therefore primarily a “mindset” in which you assume your own knowledge, skills and strength.

Video Marketing

Distance selling is a hot topic, now more than ever. That is why we are a partner of video platform Vidyard, so that you can boost your sales team with the right tools to achieve sales objectives.

Marketing Automation

DNA LTB is a proud partner of Hubspot, a tool that enables companies to grow and supports you with marketing, sales and service. You can also build the entire website in HubSpot.


“Marketing automation is the starting point for good marketing and sales. DNALTB has helped us perfectly to implement marketing automation in our company, develops all our content and campaigns and thus delivers a continuous flow of leads and new business.”

Antoine de Wispelaere(customer since 2012)Bauhaus ArtITech

“Sales is a challenging job, we have to achieve the greatest possible success with (often) minimal resources. Supporting people with knowledge of IT and creative ideas to explain our complex message to a target group that is overloaded with marketing messages on a daily basis is essential. DNALTB fits that profile perfectly.”

Marcus Hinterseer(customer since 2015)Dynatrace

“DNALTB has developed a blueprint for us for our partner campaigns. This helps us in collaboration with partners, but also in keeping control of the quality of our marketing activities. That is a new way of working for us, which we are very happy with.”

Juriën van Duuren(customer since 2018)Equinix

“Demand creation must be in line with what we as a company want to create in terms of branding. Graydon is seen as an authority in the field of data and our campaigns must connect seamlessly with this positioning. DNALTB understands that. They also function as an extension of our marketing department.”


Fred Janssen(customer since 2018)Graydon

DNALTB has done the complete rebranding for us. From the development of our core values, value proposition and buyer personas, to the decoration of our building. So that everything fits with who we are and what we want to radiate. They feel like part of our business.

Jurgen Duijster(customer since 2018)Transfer Solutions

“With their many years of experience in the IT industry, DNALTB is the best partner for us in the field of content and lead generation. They know our business and customers like no other. They go above and beyond to achieve our goals.”

Amanda Simms(customer since 2017)Simms Associates

“We have been working with DNA \ LTB for several years. Initially, DNA \ LTB helped us with our positioning and branding. We have already done several campaigns and DNA \ LTB has introduced us to the HubSpot platform. The DNA \ LTB team is very pleasant to work with, among other things they think proactively about our marketing activities. One of our core values ​​is sincere in “contact – business friends”, this core value fits in well with the cooperation with DNA \ LTB, they are genuinely a business friend of Transfer Solutions.”

Mariëtte van Pinxteren(customer since 2018)Transfer Solutions

“We got to know DNA / LTB through a common partner. From day 1 we were satisfied with the way DNA / LTB guided us through HubSpot. They also gave us tips and tricks to make it easier for us to work with HubSpot. They are always ready to help or to start a project with us.”

Camille Quatre-Coeurs(customer since 2020)LCL Data Centers

“In 2020 DNA\LTB guided LCL Data Centers with the introduction of HubSpot in a very smooth and professional manner. The team is fantastic to work with! They are proactive, aware of the latest trends and a good listener. Also very important: they help ensure a good collaboration between marketing and sales. In short, DNA is highly recommended for every (IT) organisation which wishes to further professionalise online marketing.”

Valerie Van Roy(customer since 2020)LCL Data Centers

“In DNA \ LTB we have found a partner who supports us very well in all matters relating to marketing and CRM. Above all, the simple implementation of existing data in the new CRM system saved us a lot of work. Up to now, adjustments have always been implemented quickly and precisely. The elaborations for social media and mailings meet our needs and are a great support. Advice on the subject of marketing / website / mailing rounds off the excellent service.”

David Simanek(customer since 2019) Skills Med Deutschland GmbH

“We have been working with DNA \ LTB for a number of years. The team is great fun to work with and they provide added value in marketing strategy, execution, and transfer from marketing to sales. They help us very well in deploying tools such as HubSpot for CRM and marketing automation. DNA \ LTB is highly recommended for any (IT) organization that wants to professionalise its marketing.”

Stella van Beek (customer since 2012)BAUHAUS ArtITech

“We are happy that we already have been working with Dimphy her team for about a year now. They have helped us grow our HubSpot Marketing automation tool to such levels we are able to base our campaigns on it. From an excecutive level to our board of directors, all have seen the benefits of working at such levels with a marketing automation tool. And we couldn’t have done it without the help of DNA-LTB and especially Karen Kirsten (HubSpot Expert Consultant). All and all a very happy business relationship.”

Martijn Versteeg(customer since 2019)Breens network

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