FHI Training online marketing

For the FHI, federation of technology companies, we are hosting various online marketing trainings. For many tech companies marketing is still in its infancy. We are helping tech companies to start (online) marketing and generating leads.

SEVENP branding and corporate identity

The identity of your organisation underlies all your marketing and other activities. Think of your tone of voice and the use of colours. Consider the appearance of your employees and the message you share in your content. What is the identity of your organisation? Which beliefs and core values do you have? Who is your ideal employee? Which characteristics does he or she have and what behaviour suits your organisation? How do you consistently translate your identity into all of your actions and expressions? That is what we identified for SEVENP. The results where translated to a corporate identity and brandbook.

Video Mailer for Genesys

We believe in the power of direct mailing in an ‘always online’ world. Receiving a physical mailpack is almost exceptional nowadays. The video mailer is a paper ‘brochure’ with integrated LCD screen, video playback module and audio. An ideal way of presenting a company, product or service in a personal and creative way.

For Genesys, we developed this version, which we have sent to customers around the world.


For Ultimate Software we developed an onboarding booklet for new employees. This handbook informs them about the organisation’s identity, vision, mission and core values. The content is complemented by the established Code of Conduct for employees and guidelines for internal and external communication.

Videobutler brandpassport

For Videobutler we developed a Passport, which briefly tells the company’s story. Along with the vision, mission statement and a clarification of the core values, it introduces the house style, the use of images etc. and the Videobutler employees’ characteristics.