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Ultimate Software Sales Video

For our client Ultimate Software, we’ve created a sales video to introduce one of their services: FlexShip.

For this video, we have taken care of all the following steps:

  • Script development;
  • Finding connecting video shots;
  • Editing;
  • Appropriate tone of voice;
  • Design;
  • Launching on Social Media;
  • Coordination.

Can’t wait to see the result? Watch the video below!

Promotion video BauHaus ArtITech

Do you often organize business events? A good promotional video is an effective marketing tool to seduce prospects to enroll. People love to know in advance what they can expect and where they are applying for. A promotional video of such an event might be the right trigger. Nevertheless, it is a good way to get your company in the top of mind of your target audience!

For our customer Bauhaus ArtITech we’ve created a promotional video for her monthly events, the so-called Open Haard Sessies.

Watch the video:

Are you looking for a marketingtool to boost your events? Please give us a call!

Video Mailer for Genesys

We believe in the power of direct mailing in an ‘always online’ world. Receiving a physical mailpack is almost exceptional nowadays. The video mailer is a paper ‘brochure’ with integrated LCD screen, video playback module and audio. An ideal way of presenting a company, product or service in a personal and creative way.

For Genesys, we developed this version, which we have sent to customers around the world.

Instruction video Ultimate Software

For many companies it is very hard to communicate their complex message in just text. That’s why we are creating demo video’s. We are proud of the result of the video we have created for our client Ultimate Software. How exactly does the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration works with Xelion? What is the added value? A one minute demo gives you the answer!

Watch the video:

Are you also interested in such an accessible way of communicate your knowledge? Please contact us immediately.


For Bauhaus ArITech we developed the new website and added an explainer video to introduce the company. The Bauhaus explainer video is a 2D animation; the style and colours are in accordance with the corporate identity, simple and clean. In the brief explainer video an animated figure tells the story of Bauhaus ArtITech, supported by cheerful, upbeat music. The video is used both on the website and in online activities.

With a compelling and original explainer video, a visitor to your website can assess your brand positively and spend more time on your website. Explainer videos are made based on the corporate identity of your organisation, animated figures are specially developed and the same video can be recorded in different languages.