For BloomyPro we developed an email campaign in which BloomyPro, as a sponsor of the event ‘Retailer of the Year 2016’, used the extra attention in order to promote its own services and software. An email campaign with an online coupon to create your own bouquet to thank, congratulate or support someone.


For Lexmark, we sent regular email campaigns to partners in 2016: information on upcoming events in Europe, invitations for events, registration options on a landing page, reminders, messages to welcome and thank people. We also supported targeted ABM campaigns (Account Based Marketing) with email marketing.


For IRIS, we sent an email campaign in 2016 to announce its participation in the Info security event in Luxembourg and invite customers and leads to come to the trade show. Specific target groups for organised events (with a focus on certain product lines) were informed and invited. A video presenting IRIS was integrated into the email campaign.