IT marketing agency

DNA LTB builds modern marketing programs for IT companies. We are specialized in working with technology, IT, Internet of Things and SaaS companies. As a specialized B2B marketing agency, we focus on deploying the right resources and content to create visibility and movement in a constantly changing market.

By combining strategy and execution, DNA LTB is a critical growth partner for its customers. We create content, action plans, run campaigns, nurture leads and improve collaboration and transfer between marketing and sales.


B2B marketing for IT, security, cloud, SaaS and technology companies

There is a constant increase in the high-tech environment and information technology. Companies and their customers struggle to develop content and campaigns and attract the right customers as needs, concerns and interests evolve. DNA LTB helps IT, software, SaaS and tech companies build a brand presence, attract the right leads and actually turn them into deals.

We are specialized in realizing growth

We are focused and we have a mission. With our decisiveness and uniqueness, we develop bold and distinctive campaigns to improve the marketing of IT companies and achieve measurable results.


Content that attracts and converts leads

DNA LTB creates content and campaigns that help build meaningful relationships and thought leadership for IT, IoT, and high-tech companies to increase brand and service visibility.


Our approach

The best way to get customers to your IT business is to attract them instead of pushing them. So stop cold calling and sending out mass emails and start getting the results you want with DNA LTB: The Marketing Agency for IT. From keyword analysis to writing and promoting (SEO optimized) content, we focus on reaching the right target audience. We will do this in three phases:


Our team of inbound marketing consultants is focused on making companies like yours visible on Google, LinkedIn and trade media. As a result, we realize that customers who are looking for what your company has to offer actually end up with you. We start by mapping your vision and goals. Then we do analyzes to develop the best plan to exceed your goals.


Then, as an IT marketing agency, we will continue to build and develop content and campaigns. We implement smart systems, such as Hubspot and Vidyard, to make all activities measurable, to involve marketing and sales and to speak the same language and to automate processes. We test and monitor all activities, so that we can make adjustments to achieve the best results.


But we don’t stop there! We will continue to work with you even after you have achieved your original goals. We set new goals together and focus on generating leads and converting these leads into customers. In short, we help you to grow into a company that you can only dream of at the moment.

Our 6-step plan for success with IT marketing

  • Step 1

    Develop online marketing strategy

    Before we start with online marketing for IT, we develop a strategy together with you. Here we will determine goals, such as: What do you want to achieve with your online marketing (how many visitors, leads and conversions)? What topics, products or services are we going to focus on? Which online marketing tools do we want to use? We help to bring focus and to formulate realistic goals. In this phase we also start developing the value proposition and buyer personas.

  • Step 2

    Content audit & content development

    Valuable content is essential in any industry, but perhaps even more important in marketing for IT companies, in order to win potential customers through online marketing. It shows your thought leadership and helps you rank well in the search engines. In this second step, we use a content audit to see which content is already on the shelf, after which we will place it in the customer journey via content mapping. Then we develop the missing content. Think of studies, customer cases, product sheets, whitepapers, blogs and quick scans.

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Setting up advertising

    When the strategy and content have been developed, we start promoting content through advertising. The purpose of advertising in online marketing for IT is to generate leads by people sharing contact information in exchange for content. The most used channels are LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads, but we also ensure visibility in important professional media.

  • Step 4

    Website optimization

    In addition to advertising, we ensure that people end up on your website via keywords. We also develop so-called conversion paths. This means that we think about the steps that are taken after someone ends up on your content offer via an advertisement or keyword. We do this through the development of landing pages, call to actions and smart forms.

    Step 4

  • Step 5

    Implementation Hubspot

    To provide insight into all your marketing and sales activities, we implement a CRM, marketing and sales system in one. This provides 24/7 insight into all activities, everyone assumes the same truth and we can provide insight into the ROI of marketing. With this system it is possible to automatically follow up leads (nurturing) and slowly move them towards conversion. We do this through the development of workflows.

  • Step 6

    Evaluation and optimization

    In the last step, we look at how many leads (MQL, SQL) have been realized, we take care of the handoff and evaluation with sales, we analyze which content, resources and campaigns have worked well and develop a plan based on this evaluation and analysis for the next period.

    Step 6