The Possibilities of LinkedIn Ads

Today, LinkedIn is the most widely used social media platform for business. Currently, 706 million people and 55 million companies use LinkedIn. It’s not just for making connections. There are many more options. One of these possibilities is LinkedIn advertising. Advertising on LinkedIn has been around for a while, but for many companies it is still unknown territory. That is why I would like to explain the different ways of advertising on LinkedIn.

Campaign manager

In addition to posting normal content, LinkedIn has developed the “campaign manager”. This is where you can advertise on LinkedIn. But you can also get more insights into how your campaigns are really doing. You get this insight by clicking on “awareness”, where you can filter on, for example, the number of clicks, conversions and views.

It is also possible to look at the performance of the advertisement. This will give you answers to questions such as:

  • On which days was my admost clicked on?

  • How much money has been spent per day?

  • How many leads have been generated?

  • What is the demographic data of my visitors?

  • What is the click-through rate?

With a campaign manager you can easily gain insights into the campaigns that are currently active and how well the campaign is running.

How does LinkedIn advertising work?

What makes LinkedIn advertising so great is that LinkedIn helps you choose the right ad that fits your campaign. LinkedIn helps you choose the right campaign by asking questions to answer. For example, what is the purpose of your ad? Here you can choose from the following objectives: