Understanding: Personal & Effective

DNA LTB takes charge of our clients’ assignment, problem and / or query, in a quick and personal way. We are constantly looking to interact with our clients and partners to set new marketing goals.

Distinctive: Daring & Unique

DNA LTB analyses the problem and the various possible solutions from a range of different perspectives and collaborates with multiple partners. This also includes taking creative advantage of positive openings. DNA LTB often sees what the client doesn’t see; we recognise opportunities that the client doesn’t (yet) realise. We are innovative, because we always know how to inject something original, a twist that distinguishes the client in the market.

Initiative: Stylish Power

DNA LTB sets out long-term goals with the client in an effective strategic plan. We adhere conscientiously to this plan and regularly brainstorm with clients, setting out bold, marketing initiatives.

Spot on: Focus on Essence

DNA LTB will always search for and find tailor-made solutions to the problem. Our clients often require a complicated service and it’s important to explain in as few words as possible what the customer can expect from the client. The art of creating relatable products. Market the client’s expertise. A bespoke service effectively aligned with the desires and (latent) needs of the client.