Starting with Customer Engagement, but where to start?

By: Saskia Kuperus

Customer Engagement, the degree to which your customer feels involved with your business and / or product, is a topic that should be high on the list of priorities within companies. The way in which a company deals with a customer determines the degree of involvement. And the more involved the customer is, the more valuable he is. High time to respond to engagement!

Map the buyer journey 

To start with customer engagement and better understand your customers, you will first need to properly map out the buyer journey. We know three phases within the customer journey; awareness, consideration and decision. Actually, we are doing the customer journey short with this, because what do you do when a customer has completed the decision phase? You want the customer journey to end in returning and loyal customers. And that is why we attach a fourth phase to it: customer engagement.

Mapping your buyer journey well helps you to better understand your customers. There are various problems and needs within your target group and within the customer journey. By creating content for each phase of the buyer journey, focusing on the problems and needs that then arise, you enable a valuable customer journey from introduction (awareness) to purchase (decision), and actually to the long-term relationship (engagement).

Loyal customers are brand loyal and believe in an organization, but do not necessarily convey this to others. The engaged customer is closely involved, wants to interact with the company and fellow customers and therefore seeks regular contact. These are the ambassadors of your company. But how do you get engaged customers?

Turn your customers into ambassadors

Your goal is to reach your target audience. You want the customer to be able to easily come into contact with the organization to express (in) certainties and (positive / negative) experiences. Online offers various outcomes for this. Consider, for example, social media, blogs, review sites or user generated content. The enthusiastic customers, your ambassadors, who share their positive experiences and respond to the content of your company have a very wide reach and are the most credible. People believe people.

By creating interaction with your customers in the form of writing comments and sharing content, they become more connected to your organization. Companies like Google and Facebook are also increasingly paying attention to companies that have a strong connection with their customers. This way you will be better ranked and found by (potential) customers. Other advantages of engaged customers are that they would like to contribute to the development of content for your company and would also like to be involved in new ideas. This can contribute to possible product development.

Tips for better engagement

Encourage your customers to share fun and enthusiastic experiences. It may be smart to appoint a person responsible for this. Below are a few tips on how to promote engagement:

  • Know your customers, know what moves, inspires and fascinates them. Personas can help very well with this.
  • Make sharing content easy. Invite them to share.
  • Make a content planning. Working with themes is also a nice idea.
  • Become a committed partner with your customers yourself. Respond to content that has been created. Show yourself (online).
  • Make your emails personal. Tailor it to what your customers find interesting. HubSpot is a handy tool for this. Here you can even offer smart content, so that the right content is sent to the right interested parties.
  • Use content to maintain personal contact. (informative blogs, videos, interviews, etc). Vidyard is a video tool that we also use for this.
  • Listen and learn from your customers. This is a continuous process and evaluation moments are a good time to give extra consideration.
  • Encourage user generated content. An interview with customers, video customer testimonials, etc.
  • Check out the results. In this way you get a better insight into the effects of your actions.

Do you have any questions or need help with customer engagement? Then contact us!

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