video content marketing

How do you visualise your company?

It’s clear that in the year 2017 content marketing is the number one way to reach your clients and create a bond between them and your business. But the question is: how do you share that content?

Sharing content through a video is extremely trendy right now. Various studies have shown that people prefer watching to reading. On average, a video can gain 200 to 300% more clicks and it makes people nearly twice as likely to buy a product (Frankwatchting 2017). Experience marketing (link to your blog about it is all about experience) is also essential. When the first product creates an experience and the second doesn’t, people are drawn towards the first product because it leaves a better impression. The product comes alive. So… video! Video is a personal way to communicate your message. The more personal it is, the better.

Mark Zuckerberg predicts that in 5 years’ time, Facebook will consist almost entirely of videos. Videos are also starting to take over the function of the old-fashioned application letter. Video content is no longer only for large consumer brands such as Red Bull or Nike. Look at the number of tools and apps available to make your own videos.

Video is the number one medium for creating a personal message. Creating sympathy is easier when you show a face! Additionally, video marketing is ideal for communicating more complex propositions in the form of an animated video (the so-called explainer). This allows you to convey lots of information in a short time and in a simple way.

There are plenty of reasons for a company to delve into video marketing. LinkedIn is busy developing a video application for a good reason. Give your business a face and bring it to life!

Of course it’s essential to give enough thought to your message and take several conditions into account. Read our top tips on the successful use of video marketing below:

  1. Make it as personal as possible.
  2. Write a good script that highlights the core of your message.
  3. Make sure to use a good voice-over, keeping everything in line with your brand values.
  4. Make sure there is a clear CTA.
  5. Adjust your message to your target group.
  6. Be creative.

Having difficulties creating the right content for your video?

DNA LTB would love to help you and we can also develop the accompanying marketing strategy, because a good video alone won’t get you there!