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This is how you apply video in e-mail-marketing

How many e-mails do you throw out unread every day? And on what basis do you do that? Is it because you do not know the sender, you know from experience that you are not interested in the content or do you not like the subject? You are certainly not alone. It’s not easy to stand out and attract attention in the often overcrowded mailbox. At DNA, customers regularly ask us to come up with a campaign that is different from what others do. Because that is the challenge: to distinguish yourself from the rest. As my friend always says:

You could not think of something crazy or someone has done it before.

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Anyway. I also often quickly go through my e-mails and delete many mails unread. Until I see that one email that contains a video message. Somehow video attracts me more than a piece of text. And the statistics about the use of video show that I am not alone in this.

This is exactly why video in e-mail-marketing is such an effective strategy. With a simple subject line you can build stronger relationships with customers, generate leads and amplify the content behind your brand.

As a certified partner of Vidyard, we are of course a huge fan of video and use it all day, in marketing and in sales. In this blog, we list different ways of using video in email marketing.

What is video-e-mailmarketing?

Video e-mail-marketing is simply incorporating videos into e-mail-marketing.

Since video is an extremely popular medium in marketing (83% of marketers feel that its importance is only growing), including video in your e-mail-marketing can engage contacts and increase conversion.

Did you know that more than 80% of companies use video in their marketing activities? This is probably due to the results their embrace of video is getting them. By using video, you can engage audiences who prefer to absorb information visually – sometimes text just doesn’t work. With video you have the opportunity to make certain topics more attractive to your audience.

Ways to apply video in e-mail-marketing:

  • As bonus content to surprise your contacts
  • Sending personal video messages
  • Announcement of an event or product
  • Sending video newsletters
  • Add video to the subject lines of emails
  1. Use video as bonus content to surprise your contacts

Consider using e-mails to offer contacts with bonus content. For example, contacts who have previously read a whitepaper or a blog on a specific topic, you could surprise with a video in which you go deeper into this topic. Or even a video series in which you tell your contacts more and more about the subject.

  1. Send personal e-mails with a video

Do you notice that certain videos do better than others? Use that to your advantage and send personalized e-mails.

Let’s say someone watches a part of a video on your website that they don’t watch untill the end and you notice that this is a pattern when you analyze your website data. You can automatically email that video to the viewer to remind them to watch it. By doing this, Vidyard reported that the average CTR increased by more than 144%. With the deployment of Hubspot and Vidyard, it is possible to target and automate contacts based on video viewing behavior.

From a business perspective, this means more clicks for you, a better relationship with the customer, and more video views.

  1. Announce an event / webinar with a video

If your company organizes (online) events or webinars, both internally and externally, make recordings of these events in order to send a summary to your contacts. This way, you can give contacts a taste of how your brand works in action or show what they’ve missed and spark interest in future events.

For example, add a video to an e-mail-invitation to an event, along with a CTA to sign up. The video can also serve as social proof that these events are well attended and informative to other people in your industry.

  1. Announce a productline or launch with a video

If you’re launching a new product in the next quarter, it’s a good idea to get in touch in the pre-launch phase. For example, if you add a cool feature to an existing product, be the first to let existing contacts know. Take a short video of the product in operation and attach it to the email. That way, dedicated customers can show their interest in the product and get that word of mouth.

  1. Send newsletters with videos

There are many ways to include video in newsletters so that they can be effective. Companies with a lot of videos can take advantage of videos embedded in the newsletter so that contacts can view content they may have missed, especially if your contacts prefer to watch rather than read ;-).

Another way to use video in newsletters is to collect popular videos in your industry. If your company doesn’t make many videos, this is a great way. For example, if there was a commercial recently that turned your industry upside down, include that video in your newsletter with an accompanying blog post with your vision on this.

  1. Add video to the e-mail subject-lines

Opmaak is superbelangrijk in e-mails en het begint met de onderwerpsregel. Als ik als consument een e-mail zie met emoji’s in de onderwerpsregel, ben ik meteen meer geïnteresseerd in de e-mail omdat emoji’s me opvallen en uitnodigender zijn.

Probeer “Video” of een bijbehorende emoji op te nemen in de onderwerpsregel om abonnees te verleiden deze te openen. Je wilt in het begin waarschijnlijk een aantal onderwerpsregels A/B testen om erachter te komen wat jouw lezers triggert.

Een andere belangrijke opmaaktip is om de video in de e-mail in te sluiten op een plek die de lezers geïnteresseerd houdt. Video’s aan het begin van een e-mail plaatsen is een goed idee, maar door deze aan het einde te plaatsen, worden lezers uitgenodigd om te blijven lezen om de video beter te begrijpen.

Video is een hele goede manier om contacten, oud en nieuw, aan te spreken. Als het tijdrovend klinkt om nieuwe video’s voor e-mailcampagnes te ontwikkelen, denk er dan eens over om de video’s te gebruiken die je al hebt. Je kunt ze misschien hergebruiken in geweldige content voor jouw publiek.

Formatting is super important in emails and it starts with the subject-line. As a consumer, when I see an e-mail with emojis in the subject-line, I’m immediately more interested in the e-mail because emojis  stand out and are more inviting.

Try to include “Video” or a corresponding emoji in the subject-line to entice subscribers to open it. You probably want to test some topic lines A / B in the beginning to find out what triggers your readers.

Another important formatting tip is to embed the video in the e-mail in a place that will keep readers interested. Posting videos at the beginning of an e-mail is a good idea, but posting them at the end invites readers to keep reading to better understand the video.

Video is a great way to address contacts, old and new. If it sounds time consuming to develop new videos for e-mailcampaigns, consider using the ones you already have. You may be able to repurpose them into great content for your audience.

Do you want to know how to get started with video? Watch our on demand webinar.

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