Videomarketing: DNA LTB is a proud certified Vidyard Partner

Use video in the marketing-, sales- and serviceprocess

We are a certified partner of the online platform Vidyard. With Vidyard, you can host, record, edit, gain insight into results and optimize videos. So you will have the whole package for your videocontent strategy.

The power of a video for marketing, sales and service.

Video can no longer be ignored in a modern marketing and sales strategy. It’s a personal and distinctive way to approach leads, stay in touch with customers and provide service. Various studies have shown that video converts much better than other communications and that it leads to faster purchasing decisions for customers.

Want to make videos on your own?

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Video for better leads and satisfied customers

Video is a very powerful communication tool in all phases of the buyer journey. People prefer to watch videos than read and moreover, the brain processes images 600,000 times faster than text!

Smart use of video will ensure:

  • More effective and efficient communication
  • More visitors on your website
  • More engagement
  • More results from prospecting
  • Better leads and make deals faster
  • Satisfied and committed customers


Vidyard for marketing offers tools to integrate video into your content strategy, such as:

  • Host, distribute and track videos on a single platform
  • Easy distribution via social media, email campaigns and website
  • More engagement with the help of personalised and interactive videocontent
  • Optimalisation of automatic videocontent for SEO
  • Measure ROI and performance down to an individual level
  • Integration with CRM, marketing automation, email and other software


Vidyard for sales offers tools for approaching and following up leads, like:

  • The use of video for prospecting, follow-ups, product demos and more
  • Record videos directly from your browser, mobile, Gmail or Outlook
  • Embedding links in videos with which a prospect can immediately book an appointment
  • More conversion in your sales cycle with the help of personalized and interactive videos
  • Receive notifications with results, for a good timing in lead follow-up
  • Provide insight into how video contributes to the sales pipeline and closing deals via CRM

Vidyard’s benefits

  • It is suitable for large and small companies
  • Record personalized videos quickly and easily
  • Easily share videos via website, mail and social
  • Integration with mail, CRM and other tools
  • Insight into results through powerful analytics

Get the most out of video

As with all tools, using video is not an end in itself. It is important that this ties in with the overall (content) marketing and sales strategy. As a certified partner of Vidyard, we are happy to help you develop a good video strategy and the implementation of video content in your marketing and sales process.


Want to learn how to use video in the marketing & sales process?