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Use your buyer personas in Google Adwords campaigns

In-market and Similar Audiences available for Search

Determining your ideal buyer, segmenting your target audience and developing spot-on content is top of mind with every modern marketer. All this knowledge can also be translated to your SEA campaigns today.

With Google Similar Audiences you can select a target audience with similar interests, attributes and search behavior for targeting specific search ads.


You have a target audience that has been converted to your website, Google Adwords automatically creates a similar audience and can be found in the shared library among audiences. For these similar audiences you can create a specific campaign. If it’s right, this audience will match your defined buyer personas, otherwise you can complement your existing personas with this new knowledge or develop new personas.

In-Market Audiences Targeted

In addition to adding similar audiences, it is also possible to add in-market audiences in Google Search. With in-market target audience you can reach people who are researching products and actively consider purchasing services or products that you are selling.

How can you put this into your SEA strategy?

The more specific your content and offer, the better. How are you going to tackle this? The first step is to determine which similar audiences you want to reach. The similar audiences that you want to test first are based on the most valuable audiences: the converted visitors. In addition, you can use profiles that you have defined in your buyer personas.

In your Adwords campaign, you can also split the converted visitors into conversion type, such as “download success” and “contact form filled out”. If you’ve determined which similar audiences you want (and they’re of a sufficient size) then you can create a specific campaign in AdWords.

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