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Can you re-post content on social media?

 Content. Every marketer has to deal with it. It’s also a challenge for (almost) every marketer. Consistent content creation, how do you do it? Creating valuable new content takes time, a lot of time. Time, which you actually get less of each week. Meanwhile, you feel the hot breath down the back of your neck. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use the content you’ve created several times? Seems good right?

You might recognize the following thought: ‘I didn’t have the time to write a new article. But we also need to work on our online visibility, so consistently pushing new content is important to reach the our target audience. But…mmm, I really don’t have time this week; shall I re-post that blog from a few months ago? But maybe I’ll drive away potential prospects, and how does Google deal with duplicate content?‘

In this blog we have good news for you! Posting your content on social media multiple times is just fine! Indeed, by re-publishing your content, you’re more likely to see the content actually read by your audience! This means that the energy and effort you’ve put into making good content is used more efficiently. How nice is that?!

The flow of information your target audience gets on a daily basis is huge. The chances are that the first publication of your content has not been received at all. If you publish it again, you increase the chance that it will be.

For example, Buffer has pointed out three benefits for re-sharing your content:

  • More traffic. When re-posting existing content, they saw 75% more traffic per tweet;
  • Reach multiple time zones. If your target audience isn’t located in one and the same time zone, it is advisable to re-share your social content in the relevant zones;
  • Reach new followers. Your new followers may have missed your previously posted content. If you share it again, these new followers will have the chance to see it!

Four tips to re-share your content

Of course you don’t intend to spam your audience with ‘old’ content.

You want to re-share your content in a professional way with a clear conscience. Fortunately, this isn’t complicated at all. Here are four tips for re-sharing your content:

  1. Customize the introduction of the article;
  2. Bring the article to the reader’s attention from a different perspective;
  3. Use an interesting quote from the article in your publication text;
  4. If you have interesting facts and statistics in your article, you can easily convert it into an infographic. This way your content has a totally different appearance.

In short, we hope to make you happy by telling you that you can use valuable content multiple times. That gives you some space, doesn’t it? But then don’t lean back with a cappuccino! It’s always good to have a pile of content ready, after all: content creation is still key!

Do you still find it challenging to create consistent content? Give us a call at +31 (0) 35 201 19 01. DNA LTB is specialized in writing attractive content, so we’re happy to help you!

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