sales accelerator campagne

Kronos sales accelerator

In B2B, personal contact remains important. A prospect would like to speak live with the company he or she is working with.
The campaign 
For Kronos we develop various sales accelerator campaigns, where we invite prospects via a prominent DM to come into contact with Kronos. For the “Alice in Wonderland” campaign with the theme “The Rabbit Hole of manual IT processes” we sent a direct mail with a cool set of playing cards. We contacted a database of 500 prospects.
The result
Through this direct mail, potential customers, HR experts and IT managers were invited to a High Tea to discuss the most important HR issues with other specialists. The card game was used during the High Tea to discuss topics and to fuel the discussion. In addition to the content program, there was a pick pocket expert at the High Tea: <a href=””> Lee Thompson from Cirque du Soleil. </a>. More than 40 guests signed up and discussed the HR challenges with Kronos.